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Halo-100 Embroidery Machine

Original price was: $16,198.00.Current price is: $14,999.00.

Cap Frame Kit compatible with Halo-100

Original price was: $1,199.00.Current price is: $0.00.

Payment Plan Option

We have an exclusive interest free payment plan option available for the Halo-100 machine.  For just $7459 you can get the Halo-100 machine through your door with the rest paid off over 52 fortnightly payments of $145 each over 2 years.

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Echidna Sewing Warranty

An affordable multi-needle machine, perfect for home hobbyists and small businesses

Take your experience to a new level with 12 needle free arm embroidery. The Halo-100 machine allows you to embroider items you thought never possible. It’s perfect for home hobbyists or small business owners looking to expand their abilities and explore new avenues.

Stitch with speed up to 1000spm and use the 7” colour touch screen for your embroidery process. With an excellent array of features, this affordable multi-needle machine will make your embroidery easy and enjoyable, it’s a fabulous choice!

Free-arm, tubular embroidery machine

The tubular or free-arm machine design is the most versatile style of embroidery machine and allows you to hoop and embroider a huge range of items with ease, usually without the need to unpick seams. It opens a world of opportunity including an optional professional cap frame system.

Automatic 12 needles

12 needle automation means you don’t have to babysit your machine to change thread colours. The intelligent control panel will automatically select and move the needle head to the next colour, and start stitching without your input.

Large 320mm x 240mm embroidery area

Large designs are very popular and with a huge embroidery area to work with you can create stunning quilt blocks, wall hangings, jacket backs, table mats and much more.

Solid mobile steel stand included

Featuring a cutaway section on the table catering for bulky items, heavy duty and lockable castors, this high quality mobile stand offers great mobility and vibration free operation. This mobile stand is included with your Halo machine.

7” Colour Touch Screen with user friendly controls

Easy to use is the best way to describe the advanced 7” LCD colour touch screen with high-brightness and simple navigating. Loaded with unique features, it is capable of storing over one hundred million stitches with a huge 4 million stitch limit on individual designs. Visually see exactly where your design will stitch in reference to the hoop selected.

Built-in Fonts and Draw to Stitch/Doodle Pad Functions

Armed with 36 built-in scalable fonts, you can create unique monograms up to 100mm high. Plus, you have the capability of drawing on-screen to create personalized signatures and design elements with no computer software required.

Real time stitch simulator

Track your designs on-screen and preview your embroidery stitch out process. You will see exactly how your embroidered design will turn out.

Bright LED lighting

Illuminate your work area with the LED lighting feature. View your projects with a clear, bright workspace so you can see every detail.

Customizable Thread Colour palette

Assign thread colours on-screen to similarly match the actual colours on the machine. This makes setting the design colour selection and sequencing a breeze.

Automatic thread break detection

Thread breaks happen from time to time but the Halo will reliably and quickly detect a thread break and automatically revert up to 20 stitches back prior to rethreading the needle to ensure perfect resumption of stitching.

2 complete sets of hoops included

The Halo is supplied with a set of each of the most popular hoop sizes including 90mm round, 120mm round, 170mm round and a 320mm x 240mm (12.59″ x 9.44″) hoop. Round hoops provide superior fabric holding capabilities. These hoop sets are a standard inclusion with the machine.

LED laser light positioning system

The built-in LED laser pointer shows the approximate position of the needle drop point and makes for easy design placement and tracing for most applications. Or for precise needle point accuracy use the special “needle down” position function.

Unique hoop numbering system

The machine’s clever hoop numbering system will prevent you from stitching a design that is outside the permitted embroidery area.

Independent bobbin winder included

Wind bobbins independently using a fast commercial style bobbin winding unit. It features an adjustable auto stop function to prevent over winding.

Adjustable Take Up Check Spring

The thread take-up check spring is integral to a well-balanced stitch which can vary depending on the type of thread you use, such as metallic or even the different weights of a conventional embroidery thread. Each needle features an easily adjustable check spring to ensure consistent stitching. While rarely needed by the operator, it’s reassuring to have this fine tuning ability.

Automatic Thread Trimming & Jump Stitch Detection

Thread trimming is a must-have on any embroidery machine but combined with jump stitch detection which will tie off and trim those unwanted jump stitches, you’ll have virtually no unsightly threads to unpick or remove when the design is completed.

Self-Lubricating System

The Halo features a wick feed oil system to keep the needle bar mechanisms running smoothly without requiring regular oiling by the user.

Fast 1000 stitches per minute

The Halo is fast with an industrial grade servo motor to handle a genuine speed of 1000 stitches per minute. The heavy-duty step motors that drive the embroidery frame ensure precise accuracy regardless of the item being embroidered.

USB connectivity

The machine features two USB ports and a network port, making it easy to transfer patterns and designs. Uses industry standard DST format.

Maintenance tool kit included

Maintaining your embroidery machine is important and the Halo is supplied with a quality tool kit to keep your machine up to scratch.

Easy hassle free thread stand

12 needles means 12 threads and the Halo thread stand allows easy access for changing spool colours. Plus you can use all types and sizes of embroidery thread spools, including the economical 5000m cones. The thread tube delivery system ensures less tangles for hassle free embroidery.

Thread tension adjustment

Adjust each thread tension individually using the dials on the top of the machine to achieve smooth, quality stitches.

OPTIONAL Wide Table Support Platform

The table support platform is a huge benefit when embroidering heavy items like bathrobes and large towels. It helps prevent the possibility of the item popping out of the hoop while stitching.

This is not included with the Halo-100 but can be purchased separately. Please contact us for more information.


  • What’s in the box?

    • Solid mobile steel stand
    • Independent bobbin winder
    • 90mm round hoop (2)
    • 120mm round hoop (2)
    • 170mm round hoop (2)
    • 320mm x 240 rectangular hoop (2)
    • Wide table support platform
    • LED Laser Light positioning system
    • Maintenance tool kit
  • Optional accessories

    • Cap frame kit
    • Pocket frame (Requires cap frame kit)
    • Magnetic frame kit
    • Multi-purpose clamp frame
    • Sock frame kit

Echidna Warranty

This machine includes a 5 year Echidna warranty.