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Double-Sided Self-Healing Cutting Mat – Various Sizes


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Once you add these Self-Healing Cutting Mats to your craft room, you'll never look back. Measure accurately on either side of the mat using metric or imperial measurements while protecting your surface from sharp objects like scissors and rotary cutters when cutting fabric. You will hardly notice your cut marks thanks to the self-healing properties and high-quality 5-ply construction of these mats. Use these mats during quilting, sewing, embroidery and other crafts. Plus, their pink colour is perfect for brightening up your craft room, with an additional side in grey for something a little more subtle and contrasted.

Two-sided: Pink & Grey sides

Available Sizes

A4 (Actual mat size 30cmx22cm)
CM Grid Size: 27cm (w) x 19cm (h)
Inches Grid Size: 10" (w) x 7" (h)
Also includes 30, 45 and 60 degree angle measurements

A2 (Actual mat size 60cmx45cm)
CM Grid Size: 57cm (w) x 42cm (h)
Inches Grid Size: 22" (w) x 16" (h)

A1 (Actual mat size 90cmx60cm)
CM Grid Size: 87cm (w) x 57cm (h)
Inches Grid Size: 34" (w) x 22" (h)

A0 (Actual mat size 125cmx90cm)
CM Grid Size: 116cm (w) x 86cm (h)
Inches Grid Size: 46" (w) x 34" (h)


  • 5 ply construction
  • 0.3cm thickness
  • Self-healing
  • Dual-sided:
    Side 1 - Metric measurements (1 cm grid squares)
    Side 2 - Imperial measurements (include ¼", ½" and 1" marks)

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A4, A1, A2, A0