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Echidna Mini Thread Stand


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Control your thread delivery!

The Echidna Mini Thread Stand is that missing tool you didn’t know you needed. If you have trouble achieving smooth thread delivery on your sewing machine and controlling your thread as it feeds off the spool, this is the perfect solution! It prevents the thread from coming off the spool and wrapping around the spool pin and eliminates extra tension on the thread through vertical delivery.

Simply place the Mini Thread Stand on the vertical spool pin on top of your machine, set your thread on the stand, and thread it through the top before threading your machine as normal. It will add stability and reduce tangling, any uncontrolled tugging, or loose thread feeding, so you can achieve flawless thread delivery and fantastic stitching results!

This product is designed and produced at Echidna Sewing using 100% sustainable, plant-derived plastic. It is great for cone-shaped thread spools and for use on sewing machines with a vertical spool pin. It can also be used on other machines, however, an extra spool pin may be required.

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